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It’s a Small World Afterall

I have been MIA from the blog world for way too long.  The holiday season came in with a bang and went by so fast!  Then, just as I was ready to get back into my routine, Georgia was hit by the worst snow/ice storm we have had in decades.  Everyone was at a stand still.  My office was closed for days and we relished in our freedom of SNOW DAYS!

Right before the snow storm, I ventured to Orlando with one of my friends.  We were participating in the Disney World Half Marathon.  I was excited, but nervous too.  I’ve done a couple of other half marathon, 10K races, sprint triathlons, etc.  But I was nervous for this one because I was experiencing knee problems.  Nonetheless, I was determined to finish this race.  THough, since it was a destination race, I was more concerned with the journey of it all than getting a PR (personal record).

I love Disney.  M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E was the first thing I could spell and I had the audio cassette of Cinderella memorized by age 3.  I lived in Anaheim for a short time as a young girl, so I have visited Disneyland several times.  I did not go to Disney World until I was an adult.  I visited while in Orlando for a sales conference.  We had a day of fun, with various activities from which we could choose.  I, of course chose Disney!

Fast forward about 10 years and I FINALLY made it back.  We decided to do the “full Disney Experience”.  We stayed at a Disney hotel (Pop Century), opted for the dining plan (my favorite part was the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream and the restaurant Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge).  We also took advantage of the free parking, shuttle buses and more!  And of course, we patronized the parks, well, two of them. 

We actually visited 3 during our stay.  The Half Marathon starts in Epcot and winds though the Magic Kingdom.  This is highlighted by a run down Main Street and through Cinderella’s Castle!  The race then ends in Epcot.  The race was so much fun.  We finished, my knee held up and we got our medals!!  We were so proud of ourselves and not it was time for some fun!

Since I LOVE to travel, I was thrilled to visit Epcot.  It is like a little trip around the world in one day.  After the race and a little cat nap, we headed over to Epcot.

We met the nicest British family while in line for Soaring.  That ride was great fun, especially the scent of the orange groves!  Such genius.  We visited England as well and had some tasty fish and chips.  We went to Mexico, China, Morocco, Norway, France, Germany!  I was so much fun.  I really want to visit Epcot again to dive deeper into the various pavilions and spend more time in each “country”. 

We also tried the ride that is in the Epcot ball, I think it is called Spaceship Earth or something similar.  My favorite part was when they took your photo and put your head on these funny little characters, I could not stop laughing!  LOVED IT!

Ok, as you can tell, I loved Epcot.  I cannot wait to re-visit one day soon.  On day 2, we headed to Animal Kingdom.  Let me say, the Safari ride is great!  You really do get to see loads of wonderful animals!  I must say though, my favorite thing in Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest.  Even the line was neat!  We

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 this 3 times!!  My friend was a bit apprehensive about a roller coaster as first, but before the first ride was even over, she said she wanted to ride it again!!!

All in all, it was a fantastic trip to Disney World.  I love that grown-ups can be kids again and that kids of all ages can enjoy the magical world that is Disney.  Staying on property and dining in the Disney restaurants enriched the experience as well.  I cannot wait until I have kids and my husband and I can take them to Disney to experience all the magic!

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