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Buses are a tricky mode of public transit

Maybe it is just me, but when am traveling, both domestically and internationally, I prefer the metro, a taxi or my own two feet over the bus. I know the bus can be effecient and budget friendly, but sometimes, I like te reassurance the metro or a taxi, or even seeing roadsigns while on foot, has to offer.

I was on a bus the other day, in a city I have never visited. The tricky thing about a bus is, not all buses stop at every stop on the route and more often than not, they do not announce the name of the stop. So, if you are unfamiliar with where you are, determining which stop is the right one can be a mystery. The confusion can be multiplied if you are traveling to a location where you do not know the language. To try to make things a bit simpler, I do let. The bus driver know where I am going and try to sit towed the front This helps, but if the bus is crowded, you might end up in the back, not sure when to get off; plus, many of the passengers have on their headphones and are oblivious to your plight because they are knee deep in their music, phone, book, etc.

Whenever possible, I prefer the metro. I like the announcements of each stop and the helpful maps that track my progress, reassuring me I am going the right way. I also like to walk…if it’s not too far. This is a great way to explore a city. Q and if I want to would’ve or it’s late at night, I like a taxi.

What about you? Have you experienced missteps with public transit? What are your stories or tips?

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