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KEEP CALM, You Have a Travel AgentĀ 

Reason #14 to have a Travel Agent 
If something goes wrong, even before your trip, I can help. 

I often get asked if people still use travel agents. My simple answer is YES! My services are free and I offer you a tremendous value by saving you time and money. Here it’s just one example of why a travel agent can benefit you. 

I have a client (she is traveling with a group of eight passengers to celebrate a big birthday) whose reservation was canceled unexpectedly just weeks before their departure due to a fire at the resort. If my client had made this reservation on her own, she may have panicked or spent precious time dealing with the situation. But, since she used My Traveling Panda, my client did not have to stress about their new travel plans. I took care of everything for her and her group, from brainstorming alternative solutions to best meet their needs, to finding a new resort, to negotiating a better compensation package than was originally offered and taking care of expediting refunds and extending dates for new deposits. 

This is just one example of how a Travel Agent can save you time and money. 

It’s easy to KEEP CALM if you have a TRAVEL AGENT!

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