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Teeny Tiny Euro Suitcases

I successfully packed for a four night, five day trip in a teeny tiny carry on. 

This may seem silly to some, but for me it is an achievement. 
Weight limit and size limits for suitcases may cause nightmares for some…including ne.  I am the girl who notoriously over packs. Once I packed over 50lbs in a suitcase for a cruise (including produce for snacks…what was I thinking?). I have dramatically improved over the years. 

I am also the lucky one whose suitcases always go missing. This has happened to me three times in as many years. So, not checking luggage has become a goal of mine. 

Traveling in Europe has many benefits, namely the destinations are in close proximity and well connected. It’s not uncommon to fly somewhere for $100 roundtrip! 

Those amazing ticket prices come with a caveat…there are strict luggage limitations. They take the size and weight of your bags very seriously. Often you have to prove your bag fits in the metal frame and have it weighed, even at the boarding gate before you are granted access to the flight. And many airlines limit you to one bag. Not a bag plus a smaller personal bag, ONE bag. No personal item, no laptop case, no purse. YIKES!

My recent flight has a size limit that’s even smaller than most. 15″ x 22″ x 8″ (this is just 45 linear inches and 10 kilograms (about 22 lbs). Most US carriers rarely have a weight limitation for carry-on bags (I can’t even tell you the times someone needed help with their bag because the weighed it down with bricks and could get it in the overhead). 

Twenty-two pounds may seem like like a lot until you figure the lightest of suitcases weigh at least four pounds. Then, you have essentials like clothes, shoes, toiletries, a jacket, umbrella, and electronics, chargers, you wallet…it all has to fit within the parameters of this one bag. 

Thanks to my new economy airline approved ultra light weight trolley from Roncato, a well organized hanging toiletry bag from Tumi and a collection of packing cubes, I had the right equipment. With careful and strategic planning, I packed it full for my five day trip. And viole, it zipped shut! Then the real test, the scale. 9.74 kg (21.4 lbs), I have room to spare…for souvenirs!

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