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Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance…? My clients often ponder the question about whether or not to purchase travel insurance. I ALWAYS recommend it (and NOT just during hurricane season).

You may be familiar with insurance protecting your travel investment against things like cancellation or if a hurricane disrupts your trip. But did you know the travel insurance can also protect you against trip delay such as a late flight preventing you from making your connecting flight or if Mother Nature prevents you from getting home and you have additional out-of-pocket expenses), lost or delayed baggage, as well as medical assistance needed while traveling. 

These are all things that I’ve needed while traveling. And trust me, visiting a hospital outside of your home country is not the type of excursion you’d like to experience during your vacation. 

I’ve had clients use insurance for various reasons including emergency surgery days before their departure, death of a family member, accidents that prevented them from traveling, changes in employment that didn’t grant them ample vacation days, developing hurricanes that prevented them from traveling back home because of airport closures, engagements that ended before the honeymoon…And these are just to name a few. 

The fact of the matter is you never know what life has in store and traveling is a big investment in time and money, so it’s best to spend a little bit more and protect your investment and have a piece of mind.  


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Trip Insurance- Get It!!

Clients often ask, “should I get travel insurance?” My advice, “yes!!!”

You never know what can happen when you are on vacation. It may not be hurricane season, or your credit card may cover lost luggage, but crazy things or accidents may happen.

I was once on vacation in St Lucia. It was hurricane season and a hurricane had just passed through St Lucia,but it not effect the island. It did however impact Miami. Many people who fly in and out of St Lucia have layovers in Miami. The storm was severe enough to close the Miami airport, thus, impacting travel plans as passengers were delayed in leaving St Lucia or arriving to St Lucia. The travel insurance helped to pay for accommodations that where not a part of the initial trip.

A trip to a public hospital in a foreign country or shelling out huge amounts of money because a storm alters your trip is not something I recommend for my clients. However, getting trip insurance is something I do suggest- to protect you from unforeseen circumstances when you travel.

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